SolaX X3-Hybrid G4 Inverter Won the 2021 ″All Quality Matters″ Award

On April 28, 2021, TÜV Rheinland’s 2021 “All Quality Matters” Solar Congress and Award Ceremony were held in Hangzhou, China. During the awards ceremony, SolaX Power was announced to be the winner of the “All Quality Matters” award in the category of Energy Storage Converter for Home Use (10kW) with its most innovative three-phase X3-Hybrid G4 Inverter.

“All Quality Matters” solar congress focuses on China’s solar industry revolution in the context of global economic development and is dedicated to promoting the vigorous development of the PV industry. For many years, SolaX Power has been committed to the independent research and development of solar energy storage technology, and continuously improving product quality. Since the release of the first energy storage inverter in 2013, SolaX has been at the forefront of the global solar energy storage revolution, contributing to solar energy storage’s technology development. With its own independent research and development strength, SolaX is constantly breaking through technical barriers.

The winner of the 2021 “All Quality Matters” energy storage inverter is the X3-Hybrid G4 inverter, the fourth generation of three-phase hybrid inverter developed by SolaX Power, whose outstanding quality has been widely recognized by the market since its release.

SolaX’s down-to-earth spirit can be shown in its persistence to improve product quality. It strives to make the products better and more sophisticated, with high-quality standards. Winning this award has fully proved that SolaX’s pursue of high quality is correct and worthwhile.

Mr. Li Xinfu, Chairman of SolaX Power, attended the roundtable forum and discussed the development and trend of solar energy storage at home and abroad with many industry peers and experts. Mr. Li Xinfu said: “Solar energy storage has been recognized as an important foundation and key technology for building a new power system with renewable energy as the main body, promoting green and low-carbon energy transformation, achieving the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutral”, and therefore guaranteeing China’s energy security. “

At the conference, Lucas Liu, Product Manager of SolaX Power, gave a keynote speech on “Energy Interconnection of ‘Smart Energy Storage+'”, saying that the existing energy structure is experiencing changes and impacts due to the continuous breakthrough of energy technology. The energy internet, based on renewable energy and smart grid, integrates advanced electronic power technology and intelligent information technology to realize the two-way flow of energy and information. SolaX Power’s residential energy storage solutions are based on the intelligent collection of energy big data through the energy Internet, breaking industry barriers, to achieve an intelligent micro-grid. SolaX Power will continue to focus on smart homes, solar energy storage and charging to build a new platform for users.

The TÜV Rheinland’s “All Quality Matters” award is known for its objective and impartiality with its credible evaluation process and authoritative neutral selection mechanism. This year, the award set up selections of several categories, including PV modules, PV components, PV inverter, energy storage, and PV power plants operation and maintenance service providers. All the participating products are sampled from mass-produced products, selected at various levels, and then competed on the same stage. The test results are comprehensively evaluated through multiple strict tests.

SolaX Power has been building on its strengths, ensuring high quality of products for different markets with strict requirements and high standards on product design, production, and product testing. As a result, SolaX has gained a high degree of market trust. SolaX will continue to committed to the research and development of innovative solar technology and new products, contributing to the development of the solar industry and energy industry upgrading.