We are happy to announce that SolaX Premium Installers who partner with Brighte are eligible for SolaX X-ONSITE support! Make your SolaX products installation free of concerns and save on time!


All applications are subject to Brighte’s credit approval criteria. Fees, Terms and Conditions apply. Finance provided by Brighte.

X-Onsite Support

All eligible installers have access to SolaX expert-onsite support, so our experts can assist you with your next installation in person!

Check your eligibility

Step 1: You are an accredited Brighte partner(if you’re not, become Brighte accredited today).

Step 2: If you meet the criteria, CONGRATULATIONS! You are entitled to Max. 3 opportunities for X-Onsite support! Complete the form below to book your X-Onsite support:


You must complete the form below and receive a confirmation from the SolaX Power team for your chosen data and location for X-ONSITE support.

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