Warranty Claim Procedure

In the event of a fault,an End-User should contact the Installer from whom the Solax product was purchased to arrange preliminary troubleshooting and contact Solax if necessary. If the product is suspected to be faulty, Solax will ask to submit a warranty claim with reasons. The End-User or the Installer can follow the below procedures to lodge a warranty claim.

Please note that it is the Solax Service team’s responsibility to obtain and provide all information. The claim cannot be processed until information is complete. Failure to provide full information may delay the warranty process.


1. Lodge a warranty claim with supporting documents (e.g. SN of failure product, picture or video of failure on LCD screen, test photos or test report) to support your claim via the Online Warranty Claim.

2. An email with a Ticket number will be sent once you submit a warranty claim.

3. Once the warranty claim has approved, the replacement unit will be sent to the Solax Service team within 3 working days from Melbourne warehouse to service the warranty case.

4. After the inverter is replaced, the installer should be responsible for packing the old replacement inverter and informing Solax of the pick-up address.

The process for service rebate is as follows:

SolaX Service Rebate for Installers

SolaX Power will pay a service rebate to installers who replace a product that is covered under our warranty terms, and has been returned to Solax Power and deemed defective in workmanship or materials upon testing and inspection by SolaX Power. The standard service rebate (which accounts for average time spent on-site, travelling and expenses), excluding GST, is 150AUSD per job.


Service rebates are effective from 01/01/2022

Please send an invoice to with a reference number (e.g. RMA number) [Failure to provide full information may delay the process of payment]. The service rebate will be processed within 30 days after the defective device has been received and tested by SolaX Power. This term is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Send an email to to arrange the pickup and SolaX will arrange the pickup to collect the inverter back. (you must include the ticket number and the pickup time and address).

The service rebate may be eligible to the Installer to replace the defective unit, which has been returned to SolaX Power and deemed defective in workmanship or materials upon testing and inspection by SolaX Power.

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